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Monday, June 29, 2009

Client Testimonials

When asked if they would use our firm again if they had another legal problem, our clients have said...

"Yes, this is the third time to date." - Roseanne

"...I would use your law firm in a heartbeat." - Lawrence

"...{I am} very satisfied and you were very informative and
professional."- Joe

"...everything was done in a professional manner." - Edna

"Mr. Vercammen's knowledge of the law and prior experience as a Middlesex County Prosecutor brought a high level of credibility that furthered a quick and favorable outcome. I was impressed by his services as well as the manner in which he conducted himself. I would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again." - Rose

"I would and have already mentioned to many friends what great service I received!" - Joseph

"Most definitely. {The} staff and Mr. Vercammen made me feel confident and at ease. This is what I look for when I need to make important decisions." - Prior Client

"Yes, I was completely satisfied with my representation and extremely happy with the no-points judgment." - Susan

"Yes, willingly. From the day I called regarding my traffic ticket to the date of the court case, I was given due respect." - Prior Client

"Yes, I most certainly would. Mr. Vercammen has always done the best job he could do." - Arthur

"Absolutely -- and being in recovery (thanks to Ken's suggestion about rehab), I meet many prospective clients and give out cards." - Prior Client

"I absolutely would! Ken, you did an exceptional job!" - Prior Client

"...I would want Mr. Vercammen to represent me again -- he was very knowledgeable and always kept me abreast on what actions he would be taking." - Prior Client

"Absolutely!" - Glenn

"Yes, I would use your firm in all my legal problems. Thank you." - Prior Client

"Yes, and we will recommend to our relatives and friends." -Gil and Rachel Morejon
"Yes, we have had you represent members of our family four times. You have always responded very well to our needs." - Nick Sorrentino

"Yes, both my wife and I would use you again. We would both have you as our family attorney." - Prior Client

"Yes, I certainly would. Knowledgable firm with quick resolution." - James Basilico

"Yes, I feel that Mr. Vercammen does an outstanding job." - Prior Client

"Yes, because we won the case." - Prior Client

"Yes, Vercammen and Associates are courteous, reliable, easy to work with, explain everything so a layman can understand and they get results." - Nick Sorrentino

"The firm will be highly recommended." Kevin Allaire

When asked if they would recommend our firm to a friend, relative, or business associate who needed a lawyer, our clients have said...

"Yes, your firm was very professional and courteous." - Lawrence

"...I would feel comfortable recommending your firm to a friend. - Edna

"Yes, in fact I already have recommended you." - Dave

"Excellent quality, very professional, concise and fair." - Rose

"...I believe Mr. Vercammen would represent anyone with dignity and do his best to satisfy their claims." - Prior Client

"Yes -- Mr. Vercammen's congenial relationship with the court is very beneficial." - Susan

"...Ken is the 'master' of criminal and motor vehicle law -- he knows the ins and outs and never gives unrealistic hopes to clients, and does better than he promises." - Prior Client

"Yes -- you are a local firm, reasonable and efficient." - Diane

"Yes. Ken has a wonderful, friendly personality and he gets the job done quickly and efficiently." - Janet

"...very knowledgeable, respectful, courteous, and goes the extra mile for his client." - Prior Client

"Absolutely, already have." - Glenn

"Yes, both my wife and I would without a doubt recommend you to anyone we know." - Prior Client

"Yes, I would. I feel as though he would treat everyone as a person and fight to their satisfaction." - Prior Client

"Yes, because you treated us very well." - Prior Client

"Yes, I will and I have." - Kevin Allaire

Were you satisfied and other comments:

"Mr. Vercammen had 2 of my tickets dismissed and my other 2 tickets were given the minimum fine." - Prior Client

"Yes, because he had the charge dropped." - Janet

"We got a better deal than I ever thought we would." - Prior Client

"It was handled efficiently and expeditiously." - Diane

"Yes, because I was not expecting the outcome Mr. Vercammen was able to reach for me." - Arthur

"Thank you for being so kind and for everything else!" - Prior Client

"Yes, because it was to our satisfaction." - Prior Client

"Yes, because I received the outcome that I was after." -James Basilico

"Yes, because charges were dismissed." - Prior Client

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