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Monday, March 14, 2016

Mercer County Municipal Prosecutors 2007

Court Prosecutor
East Windsor Sahbra Jacobs
Ewing Carl Tanksley
Hamilton Twp. Arun Levine

Renee Sumners
Hightstown Robert Yostembski
Hopewell Boro Roger T. Haley
Hopewell Twp. Kevin Nerwinski
Lawrence Robert Rubenstein
Montgomery Mr. Kim Otis
Pennington Boro Craig J. Hubert
Princeton Boro Mr. Kim Otis
Princeton Twp. Mr. Kim Otis
Trenton (city) Lyle Hough
Washington Twp. W. Timothy Howes
West Windsor Edward Hunter

Mercer County Municipal Prosecutor- List by Ken Vercammen, Past Chair- Municipal Court Practice Section of NJ State Bar Association

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