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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Criminal Indictable and Disorderly Offense Penalties 2017

  Criminal Indictable and Disorderly Offense  Penalties 2017

Disorderly person criminal offenses- ex Simple Assault, shoplifting & cases in Municipal Court
Jail 2C: 43- 8            jail  6 month maximum
                                probation 1-2 year max                                        
                                community service  180 days maximum 
Disorderly- fines:    $1,000 Fine  maximum  under 2C: 43- 3
                                    plus mandatory costs, VCCO and other penalties                         
         There are many other penalties that the court must impose in criminal cases.  There are dozens of other penalties a court can impose, depending on the type of matter.   
         Drug offenses: in addition to above penalties, mandatory minimum $500 DEDR penalty, mandatory lab fee and other court costs over $200, mandatory 6 month- 2 year loss of license, plus usual Probation, drug testing and other penalties. If attorney's Conditional Discharge motion is granted for first time offender. penalty can be reduced. In certain drug cases, the fine can be up to $75,000.

-Petty Disorderly person - 30 days jail   maximum
Petty DP $500 max Fine, VCCB and other penalties

         Indictable Crime Penalties    [Felony type]  [ Superior Court]
                  Jail  potential        Fine max            Probation
1st degree  10- 20 years       $200,000           [presumption of jail]
2nd degree 5-10 years          $150,000           [presumption of jail]
3rd degree  3- 5 years           $15,000             1 year- 5 year
4th degree  0- 18 months       $10,000             1 year- 5 year

  There are dozens of other penalties a court can impose, depending on the type of matter. Read

         If you or a family member are charged with a criminal offense, you should retain an experienced criminal attorney to argue to reduce the penalties! 

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