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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lewdness Fourth degree 2C:14-4(b)

New Jersey Immigration Consequences of conviction of criminal offense.

Degree of Intent Degree of Harm Other Abbreviations
K=knowing(ly) BI=bodily injury CDS=controlled dangerous substance
P=purpose(ly) SBI=serious bodily injury DW=deadly weapon
N=negligent(ly) MV=motor vehicle

Aggravated Felony (AF)?
Crime Involving
Moral Turpitude
Other Grounds:
Controlled Substance
Offense (CSO)
Crime Against Children
Crime of Dom. Viol., Etc.
Firearm Offense (FO)

Fourth degree 2C:14-4(b)

Conviction under subsection (1)might be deemed a “sexual abuse of
a minor” AF.
Would probably be
considered a CIMT. Conviction under subsection(1) might be considered a
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