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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Middlesex County Adult Correction Center LABOR ASSISTANCE PROGRAM GUIDELINES

Middlesex County Adult Correction Center LABOR ASSISTANCE PROGRAM GUIDELINES

Through the years, the Corrections Department has accomplished many community service projects.  By establishing the Labor Assistance Program, we have also helped athletic leagues and assisted in maintaining township park facilities.  Any defendant who is sentenced to the LAP program has to be medically fit to perform physical labor.  All defendants must pay all monies owed to the department on the first day that they enter the program.  All defendants must fill out the sentencing agreement and read it at the time of sentencing by the court.  The court will take the photo of the defendant for identification purposes.  All paperwork will be forwarded to Johanne Sikorski, at the Middlesex County Department of Corrections, and include the commitment, sentencing agreement and the photo ID.

Most defendants are sentenced to a ten, twenty or forty day sentence.  If a defendant is sentenced to a ten day sentence, they will receive credit for two days.  If you do not want a defendant to receive credit, it has to be indicated on the commitment.  Good time or work time credit is not allowed.

All defendants sentenced to the LAP program must make contact, via the telephone, with the Coordinator, Johanne Sikorski, to make arrangements for admission to the program.  During that call, they will be asked specific information and will be informed that it will be approximately one month before they report to the program.  They are required to supply a telephone number and address where the coordinator can contact them.  A letter will be sent, regular mail, to the defendant one month before their reporting date and a telephone call will be placed to the defendant two weeks before their date to report as a reminder.

A background check is performed before the coordinator sends the defendant their reporting date letter.  If the defendant has a criminal history involving sexual offenses, any murder charges, arson charges or assault on a police officer, they will be ineligible for the program.  If a defendant has more then five felony convictions in their background check, they will be ineligible for the program.

As the LAP program was originally started as being zero-tolerance, the Department would like to keep it that way and not accept any defendant who has been terminated from the program for a no-show or any non-compliance reason.  If a defendant does not report for the program, a letter will be sent to the sentencing Municipal Judge indicating that the defendant was terminated for failure to appear.  Our medical staff checks each defendant as they are processed in.  If they are found to be ineligible, they will be sent home and told to contact the coordinator on Monday.  At that time, the defendant will be told that they need to provide a letter, from their doctor, indicating that they are medically able to perform physical work.

All defendants must have their own transportation to the jobsites.  We do not transfer to other SLAP or LAP programs in other counties and we do not accept out of county transfers.  The program is every Saturday and Sunday and we do not change the program for anyone.  Defendants must report every day until they finish their sentence.

Should you have any questions or concern, please contact either Captain Grover  or Johanne Sikorski.  Thank you, in advance, for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

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